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Enid, Oklahoma Memorabilia


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SUBMISSIONS WANTED! If you have any old photos, facts, stories or lore - or any historical information related to Enid that you would like to share with us, please contact us and we add your submissions to the site. We will be happy to give you credit, or if you would like to contribute anonymously, we will respect your wishes.

Miscellaneous Items

North side of Square, Enid, OK

Independance Ave, looking south, Enid

Randolph Street, looking west, Enid

West Randolph Street, North Side Square, Enid

Tri-State Music Festival

Tri-State Music Festival

Grain elevatore, Enid, OK

North side of Square, Enid, OK

Enid Stock Pavilion (700 feet long)

Oklahoma State Bank, Enid, Okla.

Garfield County Court House, Enid, Okla. - 1911

Carnegie Library, Enid, Okla.

East side of Square, Enid, Okla. - (slightly different view than card below)

East side of Square, Enid, Okla. - (slightly different view than card above) - 1908

Court House, Enid, Okla.

U.S. Post Office, Enid, Okla.

Bird's-Eye view of Enid, Okla. - Kenwood lies just beyond the 6-story white building (near the center of image)

Tri-State window sticker from 1955

Enid Chamber of Commerce envelope - 1929

Tri-State Band window sticker - Chamber of Commerce

17th Annual Quail Hunt envelope - 1994

First Trip Highwat Post Office - envelope

Airmail Feeder Demonstration - 1938

Airport Dedication - Enid Air Park, Enid, Okla. - 1929

Commemorative of the opening of the Cherokee Strip - 1932

Historic Land Rush 1863 - postmarked 1953


Broadway Tower, Enid, Okla. - 1935

Youngblood Hotel, Enid, Okla. - 1934

Opening ceremonies - postcard - 1993

Enid, Oklahoma


Looking east from the main business section of Enid, Oklahoma

East Randolph St., Enid

Randolph Street, looking west, Enid - 1912

Storage elevators in Enid

Pillsbury Flour Mills, Enid

Grand Avenue - 1910

Pre-Statehood - 1907 mailed in 1906 - Oklahoma Territory

Court House & Court Yard - Enid, Okla.

Masonic Temple, Enid, Okla. - 1939

East Broadway, Enid, Okla. - 1910

Court House Square, Enid, Okla.

East Randolph Street, Enid, OK - 1947

West side of Square looking north, Enid, OK

West Broadway, Enid, Okla. - 1909

Greetings from Enid, Oklahoma

North side of Square, Enid, Okla. - 1920

402 West Elm in 1910

The photo is not dated, so it is unknown if the buildings at the end of the dirt road (presumably Broadway)(far right, center) are original Phillips University buildings, but possibly so.  Please note that the plat shows Enid, O.T. (Oklahoma Territory) as the plat is dated April 11, 1905.

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The Arlington Addition is bounded by 13th Street on the west and 16th Street on the east.  Randolph on the north and Cherokee on the south. 

Please note from the plat that Randolph was then called Monroe, Maine was spelled without the 'e', and 13th was named Kiowa, 14th, Marshall. and 15th Parker.